Lavender scent deodorant in 75 gram 2.6 ounce container

Lavender Scent

Our lavender deodorant is a natural, aluminum-free option for keeping odor at bay. Made with lavender essential oil, this deodorant will leave you feeling fresh and clean, while also providing a soothing and calming aroma. The formula is suitable on all skin types and helps to reduce underarm wetness.

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awake scent deodorant in 75 gram, 2.6 ounce container

Awake Scent

Our awake scent is a blend of ingredients that include sandalwood and cedarwood which have a refreshing and masculine scent. The essential oil helps to eliminate odor while providing a long-lasting and subtle aroma. This deodorant is free from harmful chemicals and is gentle on sensitive skin. It goes on smoothly and provides all-day protection against odor and wetness.

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